At the cross-roads – Taking a new journey to better wellbeing

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to collect my thoughts to share with you, and that’s because I’ve been hard at work with my team building something new – which will all be revealed soon!

I wanted to share some of the pivotal moments in the last few years that have led us to our new product.

  1. I’ve had the privilege of working with great psychologists and behaviourists. I learned many things, but key amongst them is that there is a proven toolbox of behaviour change techniques that work
  2. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with clinicians and businesses to put these behavioural techniques into practice – whether improving wellbeing, increasing longevity, helping employees to thrive in the workplace or managing a disease; there are a core set of behaviours that lead to better outcomes. Sleep better, move more, eat well, improve mindset (being adaptive) and creating social connectedness. Sounds like wellbeing doesn’t it – read here for thoughts on that

We’ve spent lots of time honing our mission and values for the new platform. It’s been informed by where we’ve come from – for me personally I have worked the last 20+ years in health-focussed businesses – with a mission of translating behaviour science evidence into compelling interventions to:

  • Improve medicines use
  • Help people better manage their own health and wellbeing, proactively

We did this with technology as a key enabler, and we added in coaches as well, to great effect.

We had some great success, but also encountered plenty of barriers too. When thinking about building a solution for customers, we wanted to make sure it worked well in their context.  Here’s some of the hassles we wanted to take away:

  • How can customers move past proprietary software that locks them into a roadmap that they can’t influence?
  • How can we relegate solutions that have a rigid user experience and single modes of personalisation?
  • How can we put tools in the hands of our customers rather than have them rely on us to configure solutions?
  • How can we help deliver behaviour change solutions that have a broad view of what outcomes are valuable and possible?
  • How can we bring the great work of researchers into the mainstream

And most importantly, how can we help customers help people (like their employees, their customers, their members, their students) to recognise what’s important to them and help them to achieve it. That’s not a problem that’s reserved just for health providers – it’s wellbeing, it’s all the things that add up to a meaningful life.

With a lot of experience, theorising and analysing, we’ve now concluded one of the core beliefs that drives us is that enabling behaviour change is a critical part of improving wellbeing. Whether that’s to help someone deal with workplace stress, remove financial hardship through consolidating debt, unlearning bad habits – we have to DO something to make it better. And a second core belief is in the power of technology to make the complex simple.

That’s where our focus is – so watch this space!

In the next blog I’ll explore the fundamentals of behaviour change and how to enable it at scale through technology.

We’re working on something exciting that will change the way we support people’s health and wellbeing. If you’re interested, please follow me on LinkedIn or get in touch at _