The power of effective digital interventions in your app

Digital health, coaching and wellness platform

Design and deliver engaging in-app coaching and behaviour change experiences that set your business apart

Create personalised coaching experiences

Intervengine recreates personalised coaching experiences through engaging digital journeys, achieving behaviour change at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching.

Improve the health and wellbeing of your customers, patients, employees or members with our behaviour change tools, evidence-based content library and self-service journey builder.

Create and manage your health and wellness programmes and configure adaptive digital journeys that can sense and respond to each person’s unique goals and coaching needs

Journey Builder

Design a unique journey by combining and coordinating all elements shown here and creating engaging experiences to achieve personal goals.


Capture the unique reason for seeking change. Measured how you want.


Design action plans. Pick and schedule activities, reminders and tracking. Capture completed actions passively or actively.


Multimedia content to build knowledge and skills. Content management system lets you build your own or choose from pre-built content.


Create engaging conversations through card and/or messaging interfaces. Integrate activities, learning, rich content, and use responses and data to facilitate branching.


Drive personalisation. Capture goals, preferences, measures and outcomes through interactive forms, check-ins and surveys.


Help participants self-monitor progress. Show activities and measures in text or graphical form. Resolve graphs in appropriate time granularity.

Sense & Respond

Ingest wearable and mood/movement/sleep tracking data. Interpret participant interactions via rules or AI models, and tailor feedback.

Behaviour change when and where you need it,

 For outcomes that matter to you and your customers.

From mindset to movement to sleep and everything in-between, Intervengine makes behaviour change simple – responding to signals, time cues, feedback and outcome data. This is in-app behaviour change without complexity or constraint.

Intervengine turns your customers into champions

Engage and motivate
customers to set and achieve their individual goals

Deliver interactive workouts
with knowledge, skills and behavioural support

Create loyal customers by
helping them drive their own outcomes

API first to connect to your
tech stack quickly and easily

Minimise developer time and speed up deployment with low-code journey builder

Design journeys that branch, adapt, respond and escalate to meet customer needs

Drive your customer
by acting on rich customer insights

Connect your data to create personalised and rich customer journeys

Seamless set-up, iteration and scaling



Hyper personalisation

 ISO 27001

 Built for the future

Pre-built integrations

Smooth SDK integration

Leading security and privacy practices that keep you and your customers safe. Privacy by design. Real-time integration.

Ready to embed powerful behavioural interventions into your digital tools?