Who we are

At Intervengine we believe everyone should be empowered to make change through behaviour science.

Knowing what to do is easy. Making change? Often harder. 

Starting with what works

Prior to Intervengine, the team had collectively spent decades driving wellbeing outcomes like changing mindset, developing new skills, creating useful habits through behavioural science. We worked with academics and behaviourists to design and deliver behaviour change/science programmes in niche use cases, and learned all about how to deploy behavioural interventions at scale. We documented evidence-based tools and techniques, and worked with behavioural experts and universities to translate the best evidence into a toolkit that could be delivered digitally. We also worked at the cutting edge of technology – creating a back-end engine that could manage the complexity needed to deliver adaptive and personalised journeys for people, based on the goals they chose to work on.

Understanding the problems

We talked to organisations embracing digital and looking to differentiate their brands through meaningful customer engagement – but who felt as though they’d hit a ceiling. They executed customer experience well, but there was a missing link to truly enabling customers to do more and be more. They understood that the more meaningful and relevant their relationships with customers the better their business outcomes. We could see the need to move past transactional customer experience to enablement through behaviour change & behaviour science. This was our aha moment – behaviour change/behaviour science is the next frontier for customer engagement.

Open to evolution 

We started out by developing an app designed to deliver behaviour change/science journeys, to prove we could create experiences that worked. We also knew that to scale, customers didn’t want yet another app to stand in-between their customers and their brand, they already had digital assets and tech stacks, and trying to integrate another app was more work. We saw how much more value we could deliver if we focussed on integrating our powerful back-end engine into existing systems. Our focus has shifted to enabling our customers to embed behaviour change/science into their customer engagement, and making this as seamless as possible. We’re solving the complexity of delivering behaviour change – hence our name.

We’re using cutting edge engagement tools and frictionless integration to get our customers underway and driving their customer outcomes as soon as possible. 
Behaviour change is the next frontier for digital-first companies. Intervengine is the platform
to get you there.

Privacy and trust are 

Data privacy is critical to us, and is a core element of our approach. We began implementing ISO27001 on our first day of development – privacy and security policies underpin everything we do, and are embraced by every member of our team.

The Intervengine platform, all data pipelines and integrations, the tools we use are all subject to regular security and privacy reviews. We have numerous policies and controls, and have a quarterly audit conducted by BSI. You can be reassured that we have controls in place to secure data, and our operating principles place the utmost importance on protecting you and your customers.